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The Adventures of Captain Tom John and the Candy House

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Marwin | 8 NSW


Once upon a time there lived Captain Tom John.

He was sleeping but he got in a spell, and he wakeup.

He saw a candy house.He feels lost and sad.

He cried wah!

He saw giant underpants falling above his head.

Wow! giant underpants!

Ohhhhh! a candy house.

This giant underpants are really stinker!

Tom went inside the candy house.

He killed the nasty witch.

The sad witch cry and died.

Captain Tom John threw the stinkey underpants on the witch.

He was happy and go home.

Home at last!!!

That stinkey old witch is dead.

Captain Tom John ate some small candy that he stole from the candy house.

The end

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Cool story, so interesting

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