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SRC is really GAME ON !!!

Posted on: December 19th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Jaivant | 4 QLD


This is the first time my 4 year old son is participating and I can clearly see how SRC is supercharging his love for books. Thank you Summer Reading Club.

Posted by Sangeetha, Jaivant’s mum.

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  1. SRC Team says:

    Welcome to you and your son Sangeetha.

    We are so excited to hear that the SRC is adding some excitement to your son’s love for books.

    We hope you enjoy all the online activities, and be sure to visit your library. The ACT libraries love the SRC too!

    Here’s to lots of fun and reading all summer long.

  2. Sangeetha says:


    My son enjoyed all the online activities and we have been visiting our local library too!

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