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Posted on: December 11th, 2017 by laura -


Hi fellow SRC Club Members!

I hope you’ve had a good week.

When I was about 12 we went on a holiday to Malaysia. We stayed in a resort that had its own little circus which performed for the guests. Being a gymnast, the staff were keen to use me in their shows–so I got to soar through the air on the flying trapeze and walk on my hands in a clown suit. It was so much fun!

This gave me a bit of an obsession with the circus. When I was sitting my Year 12 exams, I learned to juggle pretty well. I learned a whole set of tricks when juggling three balls and I used it as a way to relax and take my mind of studying in between exams!

Whenever a circus was in town, I’d always want to go. I loved the amazing feats of the performers–I can tell you they are some of the strongest, fittest, most coordinated sports people around.

There’s something so magical about the circus. It’s not like watching other sports where amazing physical acts of strength and flexibility are on display. There’s so much more. The Big Top is a place with a hint of magic in the air – it’s like anything can happen at any moment.

That’s why I love books with a circus setting. Here are some books written with circus or magician themes.


Ned’s Circus of Marvels
by Justin Fisher

Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley

The Sequin Star by Belinda Murrell

The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

The Mysterious World of Consentino by Consentino and Jack Heath

The Red King by Victor Kelleher (this is an older novel but I LOVED this book)




Have you had a magical experience with the circus?

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  1. Sahansa says:

    Hi Laura!
    I have read and love the Sequin Star. It really proves that anything is possible. When I was younger I think I had a phobia of clowns, maybe because o their nose. When you were a performer in a circus what was your favourite thing to perform? I have seen quite a lot of circuses and every time I think that is amazing , I wonder how much time and effort it took to get that stunt to this good performance level.

  2. Kelsea says:

    hello Laura,
    My name is Kelsea my mum took me to a local talent quest. the ad said for all year 12 and under interested kids wanting to show their best talents like singing and playing guitars. after we arrived there it was really early nobody was about and mum had dressed me in sparkly silver tinsel costume white longs pants and my long sleeves top all white. we were 2 hours early she got the time wrong mum also got the age wrong it was for school year/grade 12s and under I was 5 years old so this talent show was more for the bigger kids. after the reception explained that part to my mum and because it wasn’t busy ,yet, the head judge bought me in and wanted to see my performance, I love to do baton twirling and I started when I was five I loved it so much I practiced all the time. The judge from the talent show told me I was beautiful and to come back when I was seventeen that would be when I was a whole lot better at it and know more tricks. then he gave a free t-shirt with GOT-TALENT on it. he really was nice man mum couldn’t believe she read the ad all the wrong way. since the talent show I have improved and really really love to baton twirl I am part of a club we are known as athletes and twirling is a competitive sport and I am the Queensland State Champion twice for different age levels I even came second in Australia in our pairs age group. I love your story about flying in the trapeze at the circus. I love to juggle to from Kelsea age 12

  3. Grace says:

    Hi Laura,

    Wow, your story is interesting, and I have a similar one! A big aspect of my life is long distance running. My dad does marathons and used to take me with him on trainings. To start with, I would only be able to do one or two kilometres as I was only 10. As I got older, I was able to run further and further until I was doing 15 kilometres! I know do cross country events and represent my state at many events. Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to find it.

    Grace 🙂

  4. Madi says:

    Hi Laura
    I love going to the circus! I went to the Moscow circus this year and it was great! I love the sequin star it is one of my favourite Belinda Murrells! I love watching gymnastics but am not very good at them.
    From Madi

  5. Sahansa says:

    Hi Laura!
    Even though I Amma not very good at gymnastics I love to watch it. The routines s are just simply amazing! Wow, Laura you are by far one of the most amazing authors with a fascinating live. I kind of started out like you. I started to learn to swim when I was six and I was scared to go into the water. But as time went by by swimming lesson as son after swimming lesson I got better and better. Now I am one of the fastest swimmers rs in our entire school. I am even faster than some boys. Every year I go. Go to the Inter-school and Champions carnival to represent my school. I do swimming at the Colleigate Pool and next term I am in Fit-Squad which is a racing squad. I have also made it to to the Inter-School and Champions for Athletics, short distance sprinting going to be exact but I prefer swimming.

  6. Sahansa says:

    What do you think think the best thing about Christmas is?

    • Genna says:

      I think the best thing about Christmas is the happiness. I love the Christmas excitement when almost everyone is smiling. What do you like about Christmas, Sahansa?

    • Emma says:

      I think the best thing about Christmas is when Christ was born.
      It teaches us to be us to be humble as Almighty King was born in a manger.

  7. Sofia says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I haven’t been to a circus but I do know how to juggle with two balls, and you’re right: Once you know how, it is really relaxing. Another really great book with a circus in it is The Road to Gundagai by Jackie French. It is one of my favourite books.
    Sofia 🙂

  8. Abigail says:

    The only circus I’ve ever been to was Circus Oz. I don’t do gymnastics, but they were AMAZING!!! The story was a bit weird, but the acrobatics and stunts were breathtaking.

  9. Samantha says:

    Hey! I am currently writing a novel about two rival circuses.

  10. Charlotte says:

    Dear Laura,
    I have read the sequin star and it is an amazing book. I loved how the girl (I forgot her name, was it Claire?) time travel with the sequin star, because I love time traveling. Have you read any other of the books by Belinda Murriel, because I have, there was another one about time travel called the ivory rose, that was my favourite. I went to a circus when I was little, I can’t really remember it though.

  11. Genna says:

    When I was about five, I came up with a story about a circus. It had a cartwheeling kangaroo called Bonkers, a dingo called Steve, and a heap of other Australian animals. Bonkers and Steve were stolen by a rich and greedy man (obviously!) because they were so valuable. SO Grace, the girl who discovers them locked in a cage, has to rescue them, and somehow return a dingo and a kangaroo halfway across the world back to Australia. She does this by… joining a circus that’s going to Australia!

    Remember, I was only five. Don’t throw rotten tomatoes, please.

  12. Jasmine says:

    I love the circus it makes you smile. They have everything from scary clowns to gymnasts. I really need to read the sequin star!!!!

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