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Inspiration is All Around You

Posted on: December 4th, 2017 by laura -


Hi Everyone and welcome to the Summer Reading Club! I’m so excited to be going on this journey with you all.

As some of you know, I’m an author and have recently published a series called The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls. It’s about an elite sports school where the students get to do their favourite sports all day, even during school hours! There’s everything from swimming to equestrian; gymnastics to soccer – you name it!

Writing this series wasn’t too hard for me, as it combines a number of things that I really love. The most important element is …. SPORT! I was a keen gymnast growing up (I was always upside-down or up a tree) and also played a lot of cricket, tennis and some hockey. And when I wasn’t on the field or in the gym, I was often watching cricket matches in the summer of following the Rugby World Cup around the globe (I’ve been to three Rugby World Cups!)


The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls


So, for me, using my experiences has been a really big part of writing. There’s inspiration for your writing all around you – at school, home, in your garden, on the sports field, in the supermarket – everywhere you look there could be a story lurking, waiting to be told.

Me as a teenager – always upside-down!

A lot of the elements in my writing are based on real people or real events (especially in the gymnastics books). In fact, there are a few episodes where the kids get up to some pretty naughty mischief that may or may not be based on real life (ahem, we won’t mention the cookie stealing episode in book 1). So use your experiences to fuel your writing. Remember how you felt in a situation and use it in your story.

So that’s me.

Now tell me, where do you find inspiration for your writing?

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  1. Sahansa says:

    Hi Laura,
    You seem amazingly flexible. I am not much of a gymnast I am more of a swimmer. I wish I could be one of the girls who attended The Royal Academy Of Sports For Girls. It would be a dream come true. It would be so much fun to do my favourite sport, swimming during the school time! Do you still do sports?
    From Sahansa

  2. Sahansa says:

    Dear Laura,
    I find the inspiration for my writing everywhere. I even find it when I am doing simple things like swimming, running or playing netball. My inspiration comes from making the boring things seem interesting. Some of my stories come from the dreams I have. Alike you I adore sport and have a few sporty characters here and there.
    From Sahansa

    • Laura says:

      Hi Sahansa! I love that you like to make the boring things interesting. I do that too! My friends think I’m a bit odd because I’m sometimes doing something very ordinary like looking in a shop window and I’ll say, “Imagine if a Jabberwocky came crashing through the shop window!” In answer to your other question, I don’t do as much sport now, but I love watching my daughter do gymnastics.

  3. Madi says:

    Hi Laura,
    I’m sorry I have never read any of your books but I will try to this summer! I find inspiration anywhere like for instance my family my pets or just regular things. What have given you so much inspiration? I am very excited to blog with you this summer!!!
    From Madi

    • laura says:

      Thanks Madi! I get inspiration from everywhere! Sometimes real life, dreams, things I’m imagining, sometimes even little snippets of conversations around me give me ideas too! I have another series for younger readers coming out in about a year that has a bit of a crazy idea in it. But I can’t tell you much about that right now!!

      • Madi says:

        Hi Laura,
        Thanks! I’m can’t wait for read your new book! What is your favourite book ever? Mine is probably Harry Potter or the swan kingdom!
        From Madi

        • Madi says:

          Hi Laura
          What is your favourite sport? What is your favourite thing to do? Did you always want to be a writer? What gave you the idea for your first book? What do you look to for inspiration? Sorry I’m asking a lot of questions but I am curious!
          From Madi

          • Madi says:

            What age would you recommend your books to?

          • laura says:

            8-12 year olds. They aren’t long books but they are set in a high school.

          • laura says:

            My favourite sport is gymnastics. My fave thing to do is read! I always wanted to work with books, so I wanted to be a writer or an editor. I am now both! My first book is High Flyers which is a gymnastics book. It’s largely based on my own experiences in the gym growing up.

  4. Molly says:

    Hi Laura,

    Could you tell us more about that cookie stealing episode? You have my apologies, but it was impossible to resist.

    • laura says:

      You talked me into it, Molly! In the gymnastics book, High Flyers, the gymnasts create a distraction by doing gym tricks on the lawn. While the teachers are watching them, one of the other girls steals the cookies from the cookie jar in the teachers’ lounge. They then cheekily leave a note in the empty jar saying ‘next time, choc chip please!’ When I was at school a very similar incident happened. We didn’t do a gymnastics routine on the lawn, but let’s just say there was a cheeky note in the teachers’ cookie jar afterwards!! Sssh! Don’t tell!

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Laura
    When I am in bed I come up with all this ideas. It could be about anything!!!!!

  6. Jessica says:

    I get inspired by my surroundings

  7. Grace says:

    Hi Laura,

    I would love to read your books! It sounds like my dream school. Sport is such a big part of my life (as well as reading and writing!). Playing all day and everyday would be my dream.

    Grace 🙂

  8. Henry says:

    Hey Laura, where do I find inspiration? Well that’s easy! My mind can make up a bunch of creative and funny things! They all link up together and can make a world of fantasy. What’s special about that world is that you made it and it’s yours! The inspiration from fantasy can probably get you a job as an amazing author like yourself Laura! Even with a bit of sound, you can make a great story. For example, a TV left on. “I realised I had left the tv on, so I walked into the room and had found it turned off…was this a joke? I looked back behind me and had found myself, IN THE TV.”

    • laura says:

      I love this!! Have a read of the blog in a few weeks – I’m going to write a piece about getting stuck in a video game.

  9. Lily McCormick says:

    I am inspired to write to and for others because I want them to agree with me on certain topics. For example, I wrote a poem about the Amazon Rainforest explaining how it must be saved. I wrote it because I love the rainforest and one day I want to visit it. If it’s not there then my dream won’t happen. We have lost a lot of species of animals this year and I want to see them thrive out in the wild not only in zoos.

  10. Lyle McCormick says:

    I like to write when I am happy. I have an idea in my head and I begin to write it down – it could be aliens, comic characters, sports – cricket, soccer and cars, especially racing cars – when I think about them they create a movie in my head, so I want to write them down.

  11. Genna says:

    I find inspiration from things that look weird or don’t make sense. I love to find a way to MAKE them make sense. (And now I’m not making any sense… 🙂 )

  12. Genna says:

    Usually I get some brilliant idea when I’m staring into space, because my mind is wandering halfway across the globe, and I’m supposed to be writing a persuasive essay. 🙂 Then, of course, I can’t write my essay because I have to write down my brilliant idea before I forget it.

    P.S. This is a good way to get no schoolwork done. I don’t recommend it at all! 🙂

  13. Jasmine says:

    I love your gymnastics you should go to the Commonwealth games. It must take you a long time and determination to get every move just right. Writing must be hard but in your case it is worth it.

  14. Emma says:

    Hi Laura,

    I get my inspiration mostly from horses, I love horses but never got on[ or ride one. I usually write about Girls who get a horse. Or live with horses.

    Happy Writing, Emma

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