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Michael Panckridge

I am soooooo excited to be a part of the Summer Reading Club for 2017/2018.

My passion for sport hasn’t left me since I first picked up a football / tennis ball / soccer ball / cricket bat (basically, anything involving sport!) years and years ago. I spent hours and hours and HOURS outside kicking the footy in my Geelong Cats footy jumper during the winter months and inventing all sorts of cricket games to play during the long, hot days of summer.

If it was raining, then that was okay too. More hours lining up all my football cards on the living room floor; taking speckies on mum and dad’s bed with a pair of rolled up socks or playing indoor cricket with a bat my brother and I made out of meccano and using a marble for the ball. I loved listening to the footy or the cricket on the radio too. Sometimes I’d record all the behinds and goals scored during the game. Then it would be outside for a quick kick of the footy before settling in to watch the Big Replay on TV. My world was sport. I dreamt of playing footy for Geelong and opening the batting for Australia. Is it any wonder that the first 20 odd books I wrote were about sport? I’m thinking no…

My first books was Legends series; an 8 book series about a group of girls and boys vying to be the Legend of a whole stack of different sports – surfing, cricket, tennis, football (AFL), netball, soccer, basketball, athletics and swimming. That would have been my dream school as a kid; a little bit of English; a little bit of Maths – and a whole WHOLE lot of sport!

While this was happening I was also teaming up with Aussie fast bowler Brett Lee to write the 5 book Toby Jones series, about the adventures of a boy who is able to travel back in time!

I’m a bit of a rugby league fan too so did NOT say no when the chance came to write the League of Legends series with Aussie star Laurie Daley.

Other books I’ve written have been the Clued Up Series with Pam Harvey. Set in a country town, it’s a six-book series where a group of friends get involved in a series of mysteries and adventures – horses, swimming, moto-cross riding, ghosts and UFOs are just some of the topics explored!

I have also written two Big Bash cricket series. Each of the Big Bash teams feature in the eight different but exciting, action-packed stories.

Another FUN project was writing the latest AFL Factivity book – a magazine style booklet filled with fun facts, games, quizzes, activities and stickers. So wish that had been around when I was a kid!

Well, that’s a bit about me… what about YOU??? I’d love to know a bit about your favourite things to write about.

So, in 50 words can you tell us what your favourite topic is to write about and why?

I’m really looking forward to chatting with you all over the next couple of months; along with watching a bit of Test and Big Bash Cricket…haha!! See you on the field real soon.

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  1. Molly says:

    My favourite genre to write in is fantasy/romance. I think it’s because fantasy, and indeed romance, stories are so far away from my little reality, I am free to create anything. People don’t have to look like the people I know, anything can happen and anything makes for a great story.

    • michael says:

      Hey Molly – what a fantastic answer. I know what you mean. It’s like reading a book that takes you away to another place; it’s our own little escape and writing can do the same thing. Like you say, with writing, you get to choose your place; the characters and what they’re like. I sometimes say to kids that reading and writing kind of gives you a second life!! Thanks for coming on board.

  2. Molly says:

    What age did you start writing?

    • michael says:

      Hi again Molly 🙂 Well, I actually found reading and writing a bit of a challenge when I was younger, so it wasn’t really till secondary school that I started to get into writing… and reading… so glad I did!! LOVE LOVE reading and writing…

  3. Vienna says:

    I love to write about kittens because when I write stories about them I think we really have kittens at home, but now we do not have kittens any more.and that makes me sad. Kittens are fun and lovable and soft and squishy. They are so cute.

    • michael says:

      Hello there Vienna – thanks for telling us what you love writing about. I confess, I’ve not ever EVER had a kitten in a story of mine, but I know what you mean about their cuteness! I have had the odd dog or two in a story… oh, and I have just (very recently) included a cat (sorry, not kitten!) in a story. The character calls their cat.. “cat”. Do you think I need to change its name????

  4. Vienna says:

    Yes, because cat is just a boring name. So I think we should call it Matilda, if it’s a girl and if it is a boy then it should be called Tiger. I would like to be the main character in your story. If you want me to be in it. Can you make me a superhero I can be invisible and fly and fight crime and always be first and not slow to catch the bad people My name is Shelby and I promise to be there.

    • michael says:

      Haha, well, okay… I will have to think about all your ideas. Matilda is a good name for a cat; Matilda is also a good name for a human character too! You know what? I think YOU should right an amazing story about a girl with superhero powers who has a cat that can see into the future and see bad things happening and so you (the superhero) can go in and rescue and save people before the bad things happen…. that would be a vert cool story to read!

      • Vienna says:

        yes and then I can write my story for the competition and don’t forget to read it I don’t like writing about the same things I am doing a jigsaw puzzle with characters I can use in my superhero story I’ll go get started

  5. Jack says:

    I will write about video games as I know everything about video games. My brother is hiding two games from me in his room he won’t let me break them or play them. I have played about 6 million games and I can write about all of them. It’s very easy to write about a topic when you can understand it. Games go to every part of the world, boys games are gory and lots of killing and blood but usually you have the good guys and the bad guys, If I didn’t feel like writing about games I would write about SPACE.

    • michael says:

      Hi there Jack, straight away when I read your post I got this idea about a brother who doesn’t let is younger brother play one of his awesome video games but the younger brother is really (like REALLY) clever and actually designs and enters a video game based around his house that lets him break into his brother’s secret hide-out where he stashes all his video games!! Is that too complicated??? Hey, I hope you enjoy reading and writing as much as you enjoy video games!

      • Jack says:

        Michael since I wrote to you my sister and I’ve found an old computer in the draws at home. after I charged it I have been able to play a few games on it

  6. Jack says:

    Sci Fi writing means lots of action. The monsters are the best part. 3 eyes 4 tentacles 3 arms and 6 legs and really big teeth and it’s coloured green would be the monster to watch.

    • michael says:

      I really like your imagination and agree with you about sci-fi… you can just go crazy with your ideas about the creatures and things that can happen…

  7. Sahansa says:

    Hi Michael,
    I love to write about swimming as I am know as a “Swimming superstar” at school. Maybe, because I am really fast , who knows. Swimming is my favourite sport and I enjoy it dearly. I do Mini-Squad swimming at the Colleigate Pool in Hobart.

    • michael says:

      Hi there Sahansa, swimming is one sport that so SO many Aussie kids do. When I had my quizzes up on the website, the swimming quiz was always the most popular and I didn’t really know why but I think it’s because so many kids swim! Way to go with your swimming skills… I think you’d enjoy In the Deep End, which is my 2nd Clued Up book! 🙂

  8. Sahansa says:

    Did you always like writing? Were you always good at writing? What is your favorited sport? Who inspired you to write? What is the inspiration for your writing?

    • michael says:

      I’m a bit different to lots of authors in that I wasn’t always a reader and a writer; it took me a while to get into those activities… I was just too busy running around with my footy or my cricket bat! And I guess AFL and cricket are my fav two sports. My dad was an inspiration for me to write, as he was an author and HUGE HUGE reader and lover of books. Another inspiration for me is to write books for girls and boys who perhaps don’t enjoy reading as much as other things and to encourage them to give it a go and hopefully enjoy it!

  9. Sahansa says:

    My favourite style of writing is fantasy. I think when you write fantasy stories you can express your self more. When you are writing fantasy stories you have a chance to escape the things that are happening in reality and jest focus about what you are writing.

  10. Sahansa says:

    I think when I’m writing fantasy I feel like I am living a double life. One in my boring real life and another is an exciting world. I love with narratives how you can choose the characters, the setting and the plot. It is like being a movie director.

  11. Alex says:

    Hi Michael
    My favourite topic to write about would be a action and comedy. For example spy’s,detectives and mysteries. It’s always good to read a book that has thrills.

    • michael says:

      Hey there Alex, you’re spot on. When I ask children what they love to read (topics) they usually say humour and action. Another fav is spooky stuff. But a book that has thrills makes you want to keep reading and turn the page to find out what’s going to happen and that’s gold for an author!!

  12. Madi says:

    Hi Michael,
    I like to write about all sorts of things. If a idea pops into my head I go and write it down. Who knows maybe someday I’ll write my own book. But I have to admit I am a huge fan of your big bash books!!! My favourite is captains clash! I love it. I am very excited to get to blog with you!!!
    From Madi

    • michael says:

      Hey there Madi, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hey, you know there are children in Australia who are published authors? So who knows, maybe your name will be on the front cover of a book soon. If you’ve got a really REALLY REALLY good idea for a story, then I think you’re well on the way…. the idea is soooooooo important!! So glad you like my Big Bash books… I had so much fun writing them too…

      • Madi says:

        Hi Michael ,
        Thanks! I used to do tennis and swimming. What is your favourite sport of all time? Which is the sport you like to play the most of?
        From Madi

        • Madi says:

          Hi Michael
          What gave you inspiration for your first book? What is your favourite thing to do? What is your favourite book? What age would you recommend your books to?
          Sorry about all the questions but I am very curious!
          From Madi

  13. Lyle McCormick says:

    My favourite topic to write about is Harry Potter, especially the Nimbus 2000 broomstick that Harry has.

    He zooms through the sky, the golden words written on it blinding the crowd as he goes past.

    Accelerating like a Formula 1 car to reach the goal as he is the champion.

  14. Grace says:

    I enjoy writing about all genres! I especially enjoy action, as you can captivate and inspire the readers very easily! It is also plenty of fun to write!

    Grace 🙂

  15. Henry says:

    My favourite thing to write about is something creative and always exiting. I want the audience to be on the edge of their seats and really wanting to engage and feel like their actually in my world that I’ve created. I love using adjectives! They tell people what it’s like and they just visually imagine as if they are in the same world I am in. It’s like a virtual reality but only needing your creativity!

  16. Lily McCormick says:

    How many acres of Amazon Rainforest are we destroying?
    150 acres every minute, that’s 100 rugby fields.
    If we continue the balance scales of life will crash.
    We must save the forest for the future.
    The environment is important to humanity that’s why I write passionately about it.

  17. Lily McCormick says:

    The treetop auroma that clung
    To me is gone
    Plants trodden on, leaves scattered
    There’s nothing left in the Amazon

    Nets came crashing down
    Trucks, trees ripped up, earth of the darkest brown
    Next day, horrors come back, trees begin to burn
    Humans excited, Amazon destroyed, sadness follows
    Their return.

    Animals, lost , hiding or taken away
    History, habitats destroyed
    Thanks to humans, there is no place to stay

  18. Tessa Knight says:

    Hi Michael, I love mystery and adventure . I also like books that make me laugh. I think the most important thing in books is a character you can sympathize with. I like to write poetry and short stories . I really like reading you blog.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Hi Michael,
    This may sound a bit weird, but my favourite topic to write about is probably death. Stories that include death can be in so many different genres, and can be written and interpreted in so many different ways.
    By the way, good choice of footy team. Go cats!

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