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Quick Reference Guide #5: Local Sponsorship


Quick Reference Guide #5: Local Sponsorship

How do I approach my community for sponsorship of our Summer Reading Club?

Seeking sponsorship is not mandatory to run your Summer Reading Club program, but it can help to enhance your program and increase your participation. If you decide that you would like to offer prizes and incentives to participating children and young people, you can either purchase prizes from your existing budget or approach local organisations for sponsorship.

People are sometimes overwhelmed trying to source sponsorship and avoid it, but it is very beneficial as it helps you save money in your budget, encourages community involvement and as long as you ask the right people is really quite easy.

Before approaching any organisations, check with your Council to see if they have a sponsorship policy and/or a staff member who can assist you. There may already be a standard procedure or letter you can adapt to suit your needs.

Approaching sponsors

Contact your potential sponsors with a proposal, which is a short and concise letter explaining who you are, information about the Summer Reading Club, what you would like and the benefits they can receive. Some larger businesses may have a sponsorship request form available on their website so check this before you approach them. With local business owners and companies, look on their website or call to ask who you should speak with in regards to seeking sponsorship. Your sponsorship proposal should include:

  • An overview of your Summer Reading Club–Dates, types of activities, and its purpose–encouraging a love of books and reading and sustaining literacy skills in the summer holidays.
  • What type of sponsorship you are seeking–Be very clear with what you ideally would like in terms of items and quantity (e.g.10 movie passes or $500 for purchasing prizes). Often
    sponsors are able to accommodate your needs and if not they will help as much as they can. Movie passes, gift vouchers for local activities such as the swimming pool or go-kart track,
    books and related items such as toys, stationery, DVD’s and CD’s are great prize ideas to source sponsorship for.
  • How they will benefit from sponsoring–Share the outcomes of your SRC; participation numbers, books read, activities held, numbers of children and families in your library and
    acknowledge their part in the success of your program. If appropriate, display a sign with their logo and details acknowledging their support in the library. Visual acknowledgement might also include, printing their logo onto labels and attach it to posters and activity sheets, or perhaps including their promotional material in the SRC participation packs.

Things to Remember

  • Give the businesses you approach time to get back to you. If you haven’t heard from back from them within a few weeks give them a phone call or send them a reminder that you have requested sponsorship and are waiting for their response and ideas.
  • Some businesses are keen supporters of community projects and although they may not supply items suitable as prizes they may be able to support you in other ways. For example, the local
    Rotary Club may be able to hold a fundraising event that generates money to buy major prizes. Think broadly about which local organisations and businesses would be willing to sponsor and how they can contribute to the program and use your existing networks in the community to rally support.
  • Once an agreement has been made, send a follow-up letter or email thanking them and confirming the details of their sponsorship.
  • At the end of the Summer Reading Club send a thankyou card or a certificate that recognises your sponsors’ contribution and support of your library and your Summer Reading Club program, and share some of the wonderful outcomes and feedback generated from participants with all of your sponsors.