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Lost Worlds in Libraries

Thank you to all libraries that entered the 2015 Library Display Competition. We received a total of fifty-one entries!  As you can see, the translation of the 2015 Lost Worlds theme into library spaces was amazing!

Based on the provision of a short narrative, budget, and creativity the following libraries were awarded prizes:

  • 1st Place: Bowen Library, QLD – awarded $500 Officeworks gift card; a great example of community engagement; involving the local hardware store, the council and 3 community volunteers.
  • 2nd Place: Bowral Library, NSW – awarded $350 Officeworks gift card; we liked the invitation to explore a number of Lost Worlds in this simple yet effective display.
  • 3rd Place: Yass Valley Library, NSW – awarded $200 Officeworks gift card; the ingenuity of Yass Valley Library’s display put the Summer Reading Club front and centre to all entering this library space—well done for incorporating the front door into your display!

First Place
Bowen Library, QLD

Cost of Materials: $20.00 | Time Taken: 8-10 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 1 staff & 3 volunteers

Bowen Library’s display is loosely based on the Angelita Cenote in Mexico. The ‘cave’, plants/palm fronds, ‘fireflies’ were supplied by a local hardware store & volunteer. Insects/fish bought/made from photocopied images. Large images of megafauna (Australian/Queensland) sourced from the Museum of Tropical Queensland Townsville,  were reproduced by Council GIS staff member, then cut out & pasted onto cardboard.

‘Cave’ display enfolded around a smart board featuring a loop of a Youtube video titled ’10 Lost worlds’.

Following SRC registration & a submitting a completed Reading Log, children are then provided with a Scavenger Hunt form which required them to locate 10 clues in the display.

Second Place
Bowral Library, NSW

Cost of Materials: $50.00 | Time Taken: 8-10 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 2 staff 

Bowral Library wanted to let people know about  some of the lost cities of the world in addition to promoting their Summer Reading Club. The simplicity of the display clearly advertises their program and would be hard to miss in their space.

Third Place
Yass Valley Library, NSW

Cost of Materials: $30.00 | Time Taken: 1 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 3 staff

The theme of Yass Valley Library’s display was Underwater World. Blue and green Crepe paper was used to cover their automatic door, simulating an underwater world of water and  seaweed. The colourful fish were created by photocopying them onto coloured paper. In the children’s section inflatable fish were strung up on fishing line along with the SUMMER READING CLUB banner, made from blue paper.

For every ten books read (one completed reading log), a child was given a coloured fish to write their name on and then asked to blu-tack it onto the libraries entrance door (10 books=1 fish). We had 105 reading logs returned, so 105 fish ended up “underwater” on the door–representing 1,050 books read! The children participating in the program enjoyed helping add to the  display as a reward for returning their reading logs. Staff reported that an added benefit was that no additional staff time was required to enhance the display.

Many comments were made by Yass Valley Library patrons (adults especially) on the effectiveness of the display as the door moved backwards and forwards, creating a wave-like effect to the display as it moved to and fro.

The following libraries also received a special mention as their creativity caught the judges attention:

    • Beaudesert Library, QLD – look at the amazing handrawn detail. The Lost World references in this map are fantastic.
    • Ipswich Library, QLD – what a creative team. Ipswich library staff really got lost in the 2015 theme.
    • Smithton LINC, TAS – hats off for creating a special Junior Jurassic themed corner with brown paper and vines
    • Woodcroft Library, SA – a tremendous effort undertaken to theme all spaces in their library

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