Past Themes |  2017


The theme for the 2017 Summer Reading Club is GAME ON.

Get ready for a summer celebration of  sports, games, technology and team spirit.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be delivered in Australia, from 4 April  – 15 April 2018.

GAME ON is an invitation to celebrate our Aussie sporting culture, team-mateship and the countries who will be visiting this great land to participate in the Commonwealth Games. Connections to the themes and conventions associated with games and technology can also be explored through the 2017 programming theme. It is anticipated that many libraries may also choose to incorporate opportunities to explore science, technology, IT, STEM/STEAM education in the delivery of their holiday programs.

Programming activities led by the SRC Team and participating libraries will encourage children to explore and connect to these concepts in a variety of ways:

  • prepare Club members and their families across the country for the Commonwealth Games
  • connect libraries with schools and communities as educational support resources
  • celebrate Australian athletes/sportsmen and women who have written and illustrated books
  • connect sports, games and reading in a fun, recreational way
  • connect to new titles/authors publishing books connected to sports, games, sportsmanship
  • Geography – countries participating in the Commonwealth Games
  • An exploration of Non-fiction –biographies, sports and athletics records, history, facts
  • Connecting with top literary works for children from participating Commonwealth countries
  • Virtual worlds/reality vs. reality, artificial intelligence, robots, spyware, high-tech devices and gadgets, analogue vs. digital
  • Online safety, counter intelligence, espionage
  • Design, architecture,
  • The idea of gamification of books or novelisation of games/tv/movie media
  • Books with websites/apps – extending reading beyond the text on the page
  • Traditional Board Games
  • Puzzle Books, Crosswords, Word finds
  • Books with websites, extending beyond the text on the page
  • Speculative fiction
  • Crime Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Apps
  • Card book/dice games – Dungeons and Dragons, Beast Quest
  • How to: books / Eyewitness Books – Robot, Forensic Science,
  • Anime/Manga – Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon

Literary Connections – Coming Soon

As libraries develop programming in connection with this theme it is envisioned that participants in this year’s Summer Reading Club will have the opportunity to:

  • ENGAGE w/libraries and library collections,
  • DISCOVER the themes and conventions associated with games, technology, and sports and
  • ENJOY reading books and participating in activities that inspire them to get active, get connected and celebrate the opportunity to GAME ON!

2018, 2019 – Coming soon

The programming themes for 2018, 2019 will be released late 2017.