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Game On in Libraries

Thank you to all libraries that entered the 2017 Library Display competition. The competition was tough this year. A total of 20 entries were received!

This year library displays were submitted for consideration against the following categories:


Based on the provision of a short narrative, budget, and creativity the following libraries were awarded prizes. Each library will receive a prize pack (valued at $400.00) containing:

  • $250 Officeworks gift cards,
  • a Seedling Build your own Virtual Maze kit (with workshop activity),
  • and a selection of books to inspire planning for 2018 Summer Reading Club: Curious Creatures.


Winner: The Space Activation Award – Victoria Point Library, QLD

Cost of Materials: $20 | Time Taken: Approx. 4 Hours | Number of Staff Involved: All staff 

For creatively adapting the SRC theme – appealing to children, young people and families. 

Victoria Point Library received positive reactions and comments from clients and staff with their Summer Reading Club display and Instagram Booth which encouraged visitors to the library to get involved in the Summer Reading Club. By encouraging posts to Social Media platforms, Victoria Point Library extended their reach and activated an online presence associated with their program and Summer Reading Club activities.

Their display station enticed visitors to participate as soon as they entered the library. Children enjoyed the opportunity to explore the information station which included: -competition information, giveaways, reading material and reading passports. Their Instagram booth, with props, invited families to have fun during their visit to the library and encouraged selfies, friend-sies and families photos using the props provided.

Staff launched the Summer Reading Club wearing sports themed clothes to promote the GAME ON theme and create excitement within the branch. In addition to the station located at the entrance of the library, two other displays could be found in the children’s area and teens area.  These other displays promoted the  Summer Reading Club to other parts and users of the library. Recommended reading for the Summer relating to the Commonwealth Games and sports was available at each station.


An honorable mention also goes to last year’s winner, Gunnedah Library, NSW, whose space was also amazing!


Winner: The Collections Based Award – Cleveland Library, QLD

Cost of Materials: $0 | Time Taken: Approx 5 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 2

For best incorporation of collections connected to the SRC Game On theme.

Combining the digital with the physical led to lots of successful engagement for Cleveland Library branch.

A digital photo frame was on display and updated with entrant’s book raves as they were submitted, allowing children to get excited about the activities in their SRC booklets. In addition, book cover competition entries and book raves were displayed around the junior section under their corresponding books.

An ‘Interactive Game Wheel’, placed at the entrance of the library, was a big hit in encouraging many families to stop and engage.  Using a simple program, edited to suit the Summer Reading Club theme, the wheel incorporated the use of Scratch and a MaKey MaKey kit. (The digital wheel can be seen here:

An added bonus of the wheel was not only excitment for the SRC, but also an interest in coding and the mechanics of coding. The children pressed the two physical buttons simultaneously and the wheel on screen spun until it landed on a promotional SRC prize, which they collected from a staff member. As children played the game and received prizes, the library staff were able to discuss the benefits of the club and sign children up.

Cleveland Library also used the graphics available for downloaded to create a large vertical puzzle game. This proved fun and engaging for pre-school aged children, capturing the excitement of this demographic of the SRC, enabling more sign-ups.



Winner: Staff Enthusiasm/Engagement Award – City of Greater Dandenong Libraries, VIC

Cost of Materials: $6 | Time Taken: 10.5 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 3 staff + 2 volunteers

Congratulations to all staff who creatively got on board with the SRC theme and extended their excitement through social media.

It was GAME ON this summer holidays at the City of Greater Dandenong Libraries, as staff bombarded the library displays in paper-craft Pokeballs, Lego people, video game consoles, Minecraft creepers and Mario landscapes!

Dressed to impress, staff donned game and book-themed costumes for a fun photoshoot, which advertised the Summer Reading Club on the council’s Facebook page–which has a reach of almost 10,600 followers! Staff also created amazing animations to advertise the SRC on the flat-screen TVs and on the Big Screen in Harmony Square in the Dandenong library.

Their aim was to engage children in the culturally and linguistically diverse municipality to become champion readers, as well as to reward their hard work in literacy learning.

Staff spoke with children about their interests in video games and reading, transforming the junior spaces at both Springvale and Dandenong branches into game-themed wonderlands that suit their interests. Parents and children were amazed to see their drawing competition entries displayed on the library walls and on the Greater Dandenong Libraries’ SRC website.

Our hard working hours were worth it to see the children engaging with the library space, working together and using their puzzle-solving skills and learning how to use our Children’s eResources website.


An honorable mention also goes to Peak Hill Library, NSW.


Winner: Community Engagement Award – Roma Library, QLD

Cost of Materials: $0 | Time Taken: 2-5 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 1

Roma Library’s display engaged the community throughout the summer holidays.

Tayla Dennis was the inspiration behind Roma Library’s Summer Reading Club GAME ON display in their children’s area.

Created over several hours, the display allowed for continued interaction from the community throughout the holidays.

Incorporating all kinds of games, and opportunities to explore the theme, the reading/running track was definitely the highlight. Throughout the summer participants used the reading/running track to chart their reading progress over the delivery of our SRC program.

The library’s collection of board games was available for use during the program. Winners in the Roma Library reading program read 49 books each and with some participants from the previous year joining in as well.


An honorable mention goes to Lavington Library, NSW.


Winner: Library Outreach Award – Kingston LINC, TAS

Cost of Materials: <$300 | Time Taken: 1 week | Number of Staff Involved: All Staff

For outreach within their community (schools, shopping centres, off-site activities).

LINC Tasmania and particularly, Kingston LINC are committed to early literacy and providing children with the opportunity to engage with reading. They find that the Summer reading Club is a great way to motivate children to read during their summer school holidays, engage with Kingston LINC and to be involved with services at their library.

The Summer Reading Club theme GAME ON allowed staff at Kingston LINC the opportunity to engage with the children in their community in a variety of ways including juggling with a local circus group to playing Scrabble on the giant Scrabble Board, on loan from a library client, in their main library space.

Kingston LINC also took the opportunity to collaborate with a local gaming business to offer three introductory classes to games of interest to their participants.

Kingston LINC’s display and engagement efforts with the community demonstrate that with a little bit of creativity and re-purposing of supplies in the children’s craft cupboard, combined with the fantastic resources available on the SRC website, amazing displays are possible!

The SRC Team recognises the effort it takes to reach outside one’s library space. The rewards for partnering with community members and local business, as demonstrated by Kingston LINC, definitely align with the focus of  library outreach!


An honorable mention goes to Alice Springs Library, NT.


Game On in Libraries 2017

Thank you to all libraries that entered the 2017 Library Display Competition. As you can see, the translation of the 2017 Game On theme into library spaces (and onto librarians!) was spectacular!