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Welcome to the SRC Notice Board—a place for libraries and participating organisations to ask questions, read SRC news, share ideas and expertise, and provide feedback to assist in continued development of the SRC program. The purpose of the SRC Notice Board is to inform, to support, and to develop. To post something to the SRC Noticeboard, send your post to the SRC Mailbox. In the body of the email, please include your name, your library, your state and a title for your post. Consent for State Library QLD to use your images will be required for any pictures you wish to include with your posting. Contact Us if you have any questions pertaining to the purpose of the SRC Notice Board or the content posted to it. It is anticipated that the SRC Notice Board will become a valued and frequently visited resource to those delivering SRC programs during the summer period.

Announcing authors and illustrators to be featured in 2017 Online Program

The Summer Reading Club online program or Club site will feature the following 21 authors and illustrators who have released new titles in 2017–18. Each author/illustrator will have a profile in the online Celebrity Corner and children will be able to
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Graphic Suite for Teens

Are you looking for a way to reach out to the teen readers in your communities? As a trial for 2017, a second visual campaign targeted to connect and entice participation from your teen cohort, have been illustrated by Michael
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Follow the SRC on Facebook!

The SRC Champions group is a closed working group for libraries, schools, community groups and those passionate about the delivery of the Summer Reading Club. Through this additional channel of communication it is hoped that our growing online community of
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Activating the Theme

Using the resource kit The 2017 resource kit has been put together to enable you to support your reading/holiday program all summer long. Here are a few ideas for using the materials in your resource kits: A suite of posters
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Submitting 2016 end of program data

The collection of SRC end of program data helps State Library of Queensland (SLQ) to continue improving the quality of the national SRC program and ensures that the program is built on an evidence-based approach to decision making. The provision of feedback,
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Program delivery: promoting your SRC

When promoting your program, keep in mind that you may want to promote to non-library visitors and people that have not participated in a Summer Reading Club before as well as to existing library users. Here are some ideas: Library display
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Program delivery: programming ideas

Activities and special SRC events attract children to the library. Plan activities that will appeal to children who are not regular library users as well as activities that will enrich the background of children who regularly attend and who are
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Program delivery: engaging with participants

Somewhere between getting ready for and planning your Summer Reading Club the time arrives for you to deliver your program. It is in the delivery of your program that you will find the reward of your efforts in engaging with
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Program delivery: tracking books read

The tracking of books read during summer is a key performance indicator (KPI) of the Summer Reading Club. There are a few options for collecting this data in your spaces. We recommend you discuss this with your staff to determine the
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Program delivery: tracking participant registrations in your space

There are a few ways to manage participant registrations in your spaces. As each library operates differently we leave it to your discretion to manage this process per your library’s needs. The following is provided as a guide to help you decide
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