Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Summer Reading Club program is delivered in libraries across the country. It is hoped this FAQ page will answer frequently asked questions about the program. For more information about delivery of the SRC in your spaces, check out the SRC Programming Guide or contact the SRC Team.


Question: Could there be a reward system for reading/borrowing/participating in library events. For example, a child is set a goal to reach a reading target, say 5 books and participate in a Summer Reading club activity to receive a reward/prize. 

Answer: The answer is a resounding yes! And the reason why we encourage participating libraries to share their ideas and in-library activities. This is what makes the SRC so amazing! Libraries get to decide how much they do in their spaces based on their resources, time and community interaction. No matter the size of you library, budget, numbers of children, young people or families attending your library OR your experience in delivering programming, the SRC program can be adapted to reflect the needs of your community.

For more information on tailoring your SRC library offer, check out The SRC Programming Guide and Fact Sheets.

Question: Why are libraries required to purchase an activation kit in order to buy the promotional extras?

Answer: The pricing of the items available to order is based on the forecast volume required to produce the library activation kits. The expectation that most participating libraries will purchase one kit, allows the costs to distribute the materials across the country and the pricing of add-on items, such as bookmarks, tattoos, stickers, etc. to remain low. Due to the volume produced, the costs of the SRC materials are able to remain reasonable and are priced in the hopes that libraries will be able to purchase enough to support the delivery of their SRC programming.