For Parents and Carers

Welcome Parents and Caregivers

Reading is an essential skill for everyone. It is the vital foundation of a child’s learning and engagement in their school years and for life.

The Summer Reading Club encourages children and young people to discover great authors and illustrators of picture books, junior and young adult fiction and non-fiction. The literary and creative activities developed for the online activity site, and the programming delivered in local public libraries aim to encourage a love of reading and ongoing multi-literacy skills development among children, young people and their families during the summer holidays.

Participating in the Summer Reading Club

Participation in the Summer Reading Club is FREE!

You can encourage your child to participate in the Summer Reading Club in the following ways:

  • Contact your local library to see if they are offering a Summer Reading Club program of activities in your area.
  • Take your child to the library and help them select books to read during the summer holidays. Your local librarian will be able to help guide your child to select reading materials that are of interest to them.
  • Register your child in the 2018 Summer Reading Club: CURIOUS CREATURES program by completing the online registration form. (Note: Libraries may also invite your child to register. It is okay to sign-up online and at your library!)
  • Encourage your children to participate in the online Summer Reading Club activities. The Summer Reading Club interactive website provides fun and engaging online activities such as book raves, writing competitions, games, recommended reading lists and links to other websites for children and their families.
  • Guide and assist your child to navigate through the website and activities – for example, with younger participants, scan a picture of their artwork and help them upload their work to the e-gallery or assist them when typing their responses to the online writing competitions.
  • The website activities are grouped into three levels to appeal to a diverse range of readers. Each level has a number of interactive activities – Preschool activities (0-5yrs); Primary level activities (5-12yrs) and Secondary level activities (12+ years).
  • Themed activity booklets are available for download for each age level.
  • Help your child submit their entries to the writing activities, add a comment to Have Your Say, write a Book Rave or send in their artwork to the Summer Reading Club Gallery. There are a number of prizes to be won. Online competitions close 31 January 2019. Winners will be notified by phone and/or email.
  • Offer help when asked for assistance.
  • Read with your children. Help them complete their reading logs!

We appreciate your support and encourage you to read this summer with your children both online and at your local library!

For more ways to support your child’s reading through the summer download the The SRC Parent and Caregivers Welcome sheet (PDF 179 KB)

The Welcome to the SRC Parents and Caregivers sheet
is as resource for parents and caregivers to help them assist and encourage their children’s involvement and participation in the Summer Reading Club.It provides starting points for engaging in the SRC:

  • At home
  • At the library and
  • Online

We encourage parents and caregivers to also connect with their local libraries during the summer and throughout the year for more ways to help their children build strong literacy skills and a lifelong love of learning and their local library!

Download this resource here.

Some things to note:

Summer Reading Club Registration Incentive

All children who register in-house or online for the Summer Reading Club before 31 January 2019 will go into a national draw to win 1 of 8 iPod’s. Parental permission to enter the prize draw is required for all children aged 12 and under. One winner will be drawn from each state/territory.

Refer to the Summer Reading Club terms and conditions for more information.

Summer Reading Club Online Competitions and Prizes

This summer’s club is packed full of adventure. There are 10 online competitions for your children to participate in. The online competitions are open from 1 December 2018 to 31 January 2019. Children aged 12 and under require parental permission to enter the online prize draws. A child’s work can be submitted for posting to the site independent of entering the prize draw associated with each online activity.

Note: The Summer Reading Club website is a moderated website. All content submitted for posting to the Summer Reading Club website is reviewed prior to posting. For more information refer to the Summer Reading Club participation guidelines outlined in the Summer Reading Club terms and conditions.

Summer Reading Club Online Forms–Disclosure

The Summer Reading Club in connection with the State Library of Queensland respects your privacy and takes the protection of your children’s personal data very seriously.

All personal information collected via forms on the Summer Reading Club activity site, such as the registration, writing competition and artwork submissions forms for prize notification purposes only.  The personal information we collect is used only for our internal activities and functions (Libraries Act 1988) and will not be disclosed unless required by law. Read the Summer Reading Club terms and conditions for more information.