For Parents and Carers

Reading is an essential skill for everyone. It is the vital foundation of a child’s learning and engagement in their school years and for life. Libraries are not only invested in supporting the development of early literacy skills of children from birth, they are also keen advocates of sustaining literacy and promoting the importance of recreational reading across all ages, particularly during the summer months. This is why the Summer Reading Club program is a free public program offered online and in libraries across Australia.

Why is summer reading important?

There is a tendency for children to lose some of the academic achievement gains made in the school year as they disengage from participation in educational activities and academic routines during the summer.

This loss of learning over the summer months is often referred to as the ‘Summer Slide.’ Research continues to demonstrate that access to books, involvement in fun recreational reading programs and extending connections to literature through arts and STEM activities has proven to combat the Summer Slide.











As a free, public, community space, with access to a variety of reading materials and resources for all interests’ libraries are best placed to help you and your family to combat the Summer Slide throughout the summer. Through participation in the Summer Reading Club, families can support continued literacy development in their children by connecting with programs and activities (offered in libraries and online) specifically developed to encourage and nurture a love of literature and recreational reading. In addition, the Summer Reading Club encourages children and young people to discover great authors and illustrators of picture books, junior and young adult fiction and non-fiction.

Participating in the Summer Reading Club

Participation in the Summer Reading Club is FREE!

The Welcome to the SRC Parents and Caregivers sheet
is a resource for parents and caregivers to help you assist and encourage your children’s involvement and participation in the Summer Reading Club (SRC). It provides starting points for engaging in the SRC:

  • At home
  • At the library and
  • Online

We encourage parents and caregivers to also connect with their local libraries during the summer and throughout the year for more ways to help their children build strong literacy skills and a lifelong love of learning and their local library!

Download this resource here.(PDF 176 KB)

We appreciate your support and encourage you to read this summer with your children both online and at your local library!