2018 Online Participation Data

To assist you with your local reporting, a file containing online registration and books logged data for the 2018 Curious Creatures program is available to you for download via the SRC Dropbox.

  1. Go to the SRC Dropbox
  2. Click on Folder 5. SRC Data
  3. Open/download excel document: !Registration Data extract_Final_For Libraries.xlsx
  4. Enter password (you may be prompted twice)
  5. Save document to desktop
  6. Use Library filter or Postcode filter to view data for your library branch/service.

Repeat steps above to access !Log My Books Data extract_Final_For Libraries.xlsx

Things to note:

  • The documents containing this data is password protected.
  • You will only be able to view and sort data.
  • The password was provided in the last SRC Update
  • Please contact the SRC Team, if you did not receive the password.

Note: Statistics of online participation (registrations, posts to SRC Blogs, picture submissions to the SRC Gallery, book raves, short story and What Happens Next competitions) will be included in the SRC 2018 Report.

If you need further assistance in accessing this data, please contact the SRC Team.