Activating the theme – using the resource kit

Using the resource kit

This year’s resource kit has been put together to enable you to support your reading/holiday program all summer long.

In response to feedback, quantities of items have been reduced to accommodate smaller libraries with smaller participation numbers.

Ideas on how to use these materials will be provided over the coming months, but here are a few to get you thinking as you place your orders:

  • Sticker Sheets – A quick giveaway for those attending SRC activities in your library. If you want to maximise reach, cut the stickers up and distribute as individual items rather than the whole sheet.
  • Keyring – The keyring makes an excellent bag tag or pencil case pull. Many libraries use the keyrings in their lucky dip incentive bins as one of the smaller giveaway rewards.
  • Rulers, Pencils, Pencil Toppers – These stationary items will encourage return visits to your library and SRC Program. Participating children and young people can collect a set of new stationery for use at school in the coming year.
  • Curious Creatures Loyalty Stamp – The image of the stamp is sized to perfectly fit the back of the SRC bookmark. Encourage repeat visitations to your library by asking children and families to show their bookmark each time they attend an activity or borrow a book. You might want to purchase a few extra bundles of bookmarks to have on hand this year!
  • Calico Colour-in Bag – This is the perfect size library bag for participating SRC Club members. Children can personalise their bags with the crayons provided. The SRC team tested them out. The bags will go through the washer and the colour washes out, allowing children to colour them again and again. In addition to giving them away as prizes, perhaps you could host a bag decorating activity using more permanent options to decorate and colour.

Here is how one library uses the materials each year:

We enjoy participating in the SRC each year. We make showbags with the resources from the activation kit and add some of our own, so we love anything that is individual and gives a bit of weight/interest to the showbag. Jeannie, Wagga Wagga City Library, NSW


The SRC Team welcomes your ideas on how you use the materials to reward and incentivise your programs. Share your ideas by email or post to the SRC Champions Facebook group!