Activating the theme – Tailoring Dropbox Resources

The Summer Reading Club is designed to be a flexible, fun and practical program that can be adapted to suit individual library requirements.

Each year, a suite of graphics, fonts, templates and activity sheets are made available to promote Summer Reading Club programs locally. These materials are provided as ready-to-go resources, but can also be the starting point for creating your own tailor made, themed materials!

Did you know that we encourage you (where you have time and means) to adapt these resources to suit the needs of your program?

Each year we receive examples of library created or adapted resources that are awe-inspiring and demonstrate how the SRC is being bought to life across the country.

This week I received the following resource from Robyn Burns at Whitehorse Manningham Libraries in Victoria.

This reading map is designed to encourage continued participation in their Summer Reading Club throughout the summer.

Well done to Robyn and her creative team!

We encourage you to share the resources you are creating with the SRC network by forwarding them to the SRC Mailbox or posting to the SRC Champions Facebook Group.