SRC + VR Resources = Game On fun!

Virtual Reality (VR) is a rapidly expanding digital medium that presents exciting new possibilities for storytelling!
Whilst it is still early days for VR platforms, most of which are quite expensive, libraries are in an important position to provide users with access to this emergent technology.

Google Cardboard is a super clever, low-cost, virtual reality (VR) viewer designed to be used with most Android and iOS smartphones. The viewer can be used to view a variety of content including 360 videos, VR stories and VR games.

These resources are provided to help you set up your own VR Hangout Space or arcade.

To download, click the images or links below:

Setting up a VR Hangout Space 

This resource provides:

  • A suggested materials list
  • A 3-step process for creating your VR Hangout Space
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Recommended Apps



Download this resource here.(PDF 661 KB).

VR Hangout Signage

The following signage is provided to help you assist those visiting your VR space.

  • VR Introduction
  • Using the Cardboard app
  • Using the YouTube app
  • Using other VR apps
  • Recommended VR apps


Download these signs here.(PDF 226 KB)


Your feedback and any recommended additions to these resources is welcomed. We hope they provide a good starting point in establishing VR Hangout spaces in your libraries!