2017 SRC Library Display Competition

Last year, 53 libraries entered the Summer Reading Club library display competition, providing a small peek into what the SRC looks like in libraries across the country.

We’ve seen a few creative cats posting their launch videos to Facebook, including this special post of encouragement from our resident SRC Team Trainer, but we are still keen to see more!

This year you may enter your display/library activities against one of these 5 categories:

  • The Space Activation Award to be awarded to the library whose space creatively embodies the SRC theme and is appealing to the interest of children, young people and families
  • The Collections Based Award – to be awarded to the library whose display best incorporated collections connected to the SRC theme
  • Staff Enthusiasm/Engagement Award to be awarded to the library whose staff creatively get on board with the SRC theme and extend this through social media
  • Community Engagement Award – to be awarded to the library whose evolving display best engaged the community throughout the summer holidays
  • Library Outreach Award – to be awarded to the library whose narrative best described their outreach within their community (schools, shopping centres, off-site activities)

It’s time to share your creativity; and how have you supercharged your spaces for this summer’s GAME ON fun!

All entries must be received by Friday, 16 February 2018.

Send an email to the SRC Team with your pictures, video links and a short narrative detailing:

  • budget
  • number of staff/volunteers involved
  • hours expended
  • your motivation

Throughout the summer, we also encourage you to post the happenings in your libraries on all your favourite social media platforms (#summerreadingclub), including the SRC Champions facebook group, to share with our SRC Community how Australian libraries do the SRC!

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