2017 Program Data Collection

The collection of SRC end of program data helps us to keep improving the quality of the program and resources, and to substantiate the key deliverables of the Summer Reading Club.

Last year, libraries reported that in addition to sustaining literacy in children and young people during the summer holidays through the SRC libraries demonstrated that they are vital spaces and partners in communities, connectors within their communities, and are achieving strategic community focus, service offering and service delivery outcomes in alignment with APLA’s Guidelines, Standards and Outcome Measures for Australian Public Libraries, 2016

At the conclusion of this year’s program, a survey will be circulated to you to report on the following key success measures used to evaluate the program.

  • Number of children participating (across all holiday programs)
  • Number of SRC registrations
  • Number of books read
  • Number of hours read (if tracking)
  • Types of activities delivered during your SRC

Based on data collected in 2016:

  • 82,507 children and young people participated in library summer holiday programs
  • 55,874 in children and young people formally registered in the Summer Reading Club (15% increase)
  • 456,187 books read (37% increase)

You will also be asked to identify the outcome of these measures in your spaces this year.

  • opportunities to motivate children to read and engage with library collections.
  • opportunities to engage with children and young people and
  • library use by children and young people
  • visitations by children and young people
  • impact on circulation numbers

All data will be gathered at the conclusion of this year’s SRC from mid to late February 2018.

If you have any questions about the data we will be collecting this year, please email summerreadingclub@slq.qld.gov.au