Activating the Theme

Using the resource kit

The 2017 resource kit has been put together to enable you to support your reading/holiday program all summer long.

Here are a few ideas for using the materials in your resource kits:

  • A suite of posters (NEW). Spruce up your spaces and spread these out around the library. Cut them up to make puzzles; post one on the community notice board at the shopping centre or use them for wrapping your prizes.
  • SRC postcards (NEW). Drop these off to your local teacher librarian. Encourage them to distribute these to students during Term 4. Students who return the postcard to your library could earn an extra reward? Alternately, print SRC program activities/information on sticky lables, adhere them to the back of the card and use to invite children, young people and their families to your SRC events. (Like Tablelands Libraries have done!)

  • Trading cards. After a positive response to the trial of trading cards in 2016, this year’s kit includes 1000 cards to facilitate more opportunities to encourage return visits to your library. Activate the GAME ON connection in your spaces by combining a few sets to create a deck of cards to play GO FISH, OLD MAID, SNAP, and even CONCENTRATION.Here is how one library used the cards last year:The best and most innovating part of 2016 SRC kit has been the inclusion of trading cards as prizes. Trading cards are genius! They are COLLECTABLE. It makes the readers want to read more to have another chance of collecting that pined over last card in the set. They can be TRADED. Card trading gets readers’ friends excited to join up and start earning cards. We handed out cards at every prize tier along with the other prizes. The kids of course were excited about all the prizes but they also loved doing a little ritual/game that I came up with which was basically getting the kids to cut the deck twice to pick their card. 
    Michael Lee, Griffith Library NSW
  • Game board template and pieces. Included in the Program Activation Kit this year is a ready-to-go activity. It is envisioned that this activity can be scaffolded to the youngest of patrons up to those who are tech savy – by incorporating the use of Ozobots and other STEAM components. The following videos provide ways to activate your game boards:

These are just a few starters. We welcome suggestions of how you have used the resources in the past to share with our participating libraries and encourage you to post them to the
SRC Champions Facebook group!