SRC On Display 2014

Thank you to all libraries that entered the 2014 Library Display competition. We received a total of nineteen entries.

Libraries were asked to provide a short paragraph detailing time taken, budget expended and number of staff involved in building their displays.

Based on this criteria the following libraries were awarded prizes, and are featured in 2014 Summer Reading Club Evaluation Report. Congratulations!

  • 1st Place: Orange City Library, NSW – awarded $500 Officeworks gift card
  • 2nd Place: West Coast Community Services Hub, TAS – awarded $350 Officeworks gift card
  • 3rd Place: Wodonga Library, VIC – awarded $200 Officeworks gift card

The pictures and narratives below demonstrate the variety of ways the 2014 theme “adventure” was creatively interpreted in library spaces across the country.  We hope that they provide ideas for use and adaptation in future iterations of the SRC in your display builds or library theming.

First Place
Orange City Library–NSW

Cost of Materials: $50.00 (Crashed Dirigible) | Time Taken: 4 Displays — total 6-8 hours | Number of Staff Involved: 6

Orange City Library built four displays to promote their SRC program. In 2014 they created a Themed Book Display (2 hours/2 staff), an Adventurer Photoboard (1 staff member arranged for enlarged print with a member of their computer department), an I-Spy Game display case, containing 25 items and A Crashed Dirigible measuring 8m X 4m (2 hours to create and paint boat walls from heavy card; an hour/2 staff to setup).