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What happens next


Twisted endings and mixed up tales!

As you read along in your favourite books do you find yourself asking “What happens next?”

Well in this story, what happens next is entirely up to you!


Writing Competition:

Read Kerry Brown’s original What Happens Next story, Halloween Hansel and Gretel. Submit your ending to this tale to enter the WHAT HAPPENS NEXT writing competition. Kerry Brown will be reviewing all entries received and selecting the winning entries. Thanks Kerry!

Email your submission to: Be sure to include your name, age, postcode and State in your email. Entries close 31 January 2012. Winners will be notified by email late February. All received entries will be posted to the website!


Halloween Hansel and Gretel

“It’s a trap!” Gretel yelled to her brother. “Didn’t you learn anything from that wicked witch?” she scolded.

“Yeah! I learned that witches cook great food! Look Gretel, I know the old woman was a little crazy but you’ve got to admit, she looked after me pretty well,” Hansel replied.

Gretel shook her head in disbelief. “That was because she was trying to fatten you up … and then eat you Hansel! Please tell me you’re not really as stupid as you sound right now.”

Hansel put his hand on the doorknocker in front of him. He paused, turning to face Gretel. “Listen Sis, I know you were really freaked out by the whole gingerbread, lolly house thing, but that was a one off, trust me. The old bag is dead now, remember? You shoved her in the oven? Anyway, it’s Halloween. There are meant to be wicked old witches lurking behind doors with free treats. Now, I am doing this. Are you in or are you out?”

“Only if you hold my hand!” Gretel demanded. “If I smell anything fishy going on, you have to run ok Hansel? Will you run?”

Hansel took his sister’s hand and placed an egg in it. “If you smell something fishy, we’ll pass on the treats politely and then egg the house instead. Is that ok?”

Gretel smiled and nodded. “Ok.”

Hansel picked up the doorknocker again and tapped three times on the wooden door.

“Trick or treat?” Hansel and Gretel chimed in unison.

So far, they had half a small sack of lollies from their father and their next-door neighbour. This was the first unknown house they had approached.

“Oh, definitely treats!” A happy voice replied from behind the closed door.

Gretel relaxed a little.

The door swung open to reveal a young woman dressed in a bright floral sun dress. Her hair was tied to the side with a matching bow and the smile on her face was welcoming and friendly.

“Here!” she said, thrusting two apples towards Hansel and Gretel.

Hansel turned his nose up slightly in the air at the sight of the sugarless, healthy treats on offer.

“Oh I know,” the woman smiled sympathetically. “It isn’t exactly what you would expect during Halloween, but you will thank me tomorrow when you feel sickly sweet from all that candy.”

Hansel and Gretel politely took the fruit and placed it into their lolly sacks.

“I’m sorry,” the lady continued.  “I have a ‘thing’ about lollies. My sister used to have a house made out of them you know. She loved them. Spent her days offering candy to small children. Such a sweet soul. May she rest in peace.”

“Is she dead?” Hansel asked innocently.

Gretel looked at her brother wide eyed. “I can smell fish!” she announced loudly looking straight at Hansel.

Hansel sniffed the air. “I can’t!” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

The lady smiled again. “Oh listen to me prattling on about my sister. Why don’t you come in? I’ve just cooked a great big stew. There’s far too much for little ol’  me!”

The lady then turned and walked back into her house.

“Yummy!” Hansel said. Without hesitation, he grabbed Gretel by the hand and pulled her through the front door.  Reluctantly Gretel began to follow Hansel and the lady down the length of the hallway.

The front door closed swiftly behind them all and clicked into place.

Gretel looked back in fright as she heard the lock slide automatically.

“Yes, my poor old sister did die,” the lady continued. “It was about a year ago. She fell into her oven while baking. Such a terrible tragedy!”

Hansel stopped, open mouthed, and turned to look at Gretel. His hand fell away from hers.

“O..oo..oh!” he stammered, wide eyed to his sister. “Now, I smell the fish!”


…Write what happens next! 


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