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What Happens Next…

Martin Chatterton’s What Happens Next stories are packed full of mystery, intrigue, suspense and adventure; elements that make mystery, detective and crime fiction so exciting.

To write an ending to these stories–you will first have to solve the puzzles embedded in each one.

What happens next– Well that is entirely up to you!


Smells Fishy

Will Pete and Maisy find justice? Why is Mr Jones keeping silent? And who is Lucy?

Martin’s Smells Fishy–What Happen’s Next story is the classic retelling of a riddle in which an apparent murder/crime scene is described. Solve the riddle and then submit your ending for What Happens Next!

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The Letter of the Law

Hemlock Bones claims to have solved the riddle, but Mr Wong and Dr Wassup are not so sure.

In this story, seven sentences are needed complete the code which is embedded in the story so far. Once the code has been cracked you will be able to write What Happens Next… even if every time you write a different ending.

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Read The Letter of the Law endings written by Club Members