Summer Reading Club

Fun Sites–Preschool

Check out these great websites and apps that will help to keep young children inspired and entertained during the summer holidays, and throughout the year!



CBeebies Online
Fun and interactive learning activities for children aged 0-5 years.

ABC for kids
The Playground. Play games and explore with your favourite ABC friends.

Play at the Powerhouse
The Powerhouse Museum website has plenty of fun activities, great games and clever craft to make and do online and at home, and interactive games with links to the Powerhouse collection.



Learning Games
Check out hundreds of free learning games for pre-schoolers!

Lego Designer
Build your own virtual lego constructions. Lots of great games for pre-schoolers too!

Nick Jr.
Heaps of free games and online colouring games!

Queensland Art Gallery Games
A selection of interactive fun games based on exhibitions from Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).



Lost Letters – Mofables (iPhone/iPad, Free)
Lost Letters is an interactive app that lets your kid find letters missing in the words. It develops early literacy skills and eye-hand coordination.

Kid’s First Cube Puzzle – Croco Studio (iPhone/iPad, $1.99)
Interact and learn with this exciting new 3D matching cubes puzzle game for kids and toddlers. Adorable animal cubes are all mixed up and waiting to be rotated into place on our magical 3D learning frame.

Chicco Detective – Artsana S.p.A (iPhone/iPad/Android, Free)
Sit alongside your child during this stimulating experience: it will be a marvellous occasion to share their discoveries and progress, to help them familiarise with the digital world and have endless fun together.

Little Shape Detectives – Christie Shin (iPad, Free)
“Little Finder” is a research-based application and it is designed to stimulate early childhood educational development. Lessons in the form of playful interactive games promote children’s discovery and comprehension in everyday contexts.

Wildlife Detective – Snepo Research (iPad, Free)
Kids play WILDLIFE DETECTIVE to learn about how foresters protect animals in the forest. They look for day-time animals such as koalas and parrots, and night-time animals such as owls and possums.

Who lives here? Animal Tales – Penguin Australia (iPhone/iPad, $2.99)
Who Lives Here? is an exciting new game that lets young children learn the sights, sounds and words for animals from around the world. Whether it’s an octopus underwater or a polar bear from the North Pole, kids can have fun matching animals to their environment and interacting with their animations and sounds.

Guess who? for iPad – NCSOFT (iPad, $2.99)
New updated feature: Create book & read: Add your family member photos and customize your own book! Additional matching game cards!