Summer Reading Club

Create Pre-School

Here are some great activities that you and your child/ren can do together at home.


iSpy Bottle

I-Spy Bottle

Grab an empty transparent bottle and make your very own iSpy Game with rice and some small household items.

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iSpy Walk

I-Spy Walk

Make a list of things to find around the neighbourhood. Head out for a walk through your local area to find all the clues!

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Build a Periscope

Make your own periscope

Every spy needs to know how to build a periscope. It;s a simple yet effective tool to look over walls and around corners.

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Little Detectives (Problem Solving)

Teaching little minds how to solve problems is a big deal and aids in developing independence! Try solving these mysteries with your pre-schooler and help them see how fun problem solving can be!

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Detective Blue Printables

Loads of free printable colouring sheets!

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iSpy Printables

Free printable iSpy game!

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Blue’s Clues Printables

Loads of prinatble colouring pages and games.

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Inspector Gadget Printables

Loads of free Inspector Gadget printable colouring pages!

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