Summer Reading Club


Got a keen eye for colour?

Try these colouring activities drawn exclusively for the Summer Reading Club by Lucia Masciullo and Emma Hewitt.


Spot the Difference


If you have trouble finding or spotting all the differences send an email to to request the solution keys.



What can you spy in Emma’s illustration? Use the poem as a starting point. There are 31 items to find.

I-SPY Activity Download

Sherlock the Bear didn’t know what was what,
So he just kept on looking at the same little spot,
All around him were clues that he couldn’t quite see,
If he’d ever find them, well I can’t guarantee.


I-SPY Sherlock Bear colour

Can you find
4 torches   5 fingerprints  3 footprints   3 notebooks
2 polaroids   3 cameras   3 pens   4 magnifying glasses
2 pairs of binoculars   2 Sherlock hats



Spot the Difference

Can you Spot the differences in Lucia’s illustrations? (For easier spotting, click on the picture to download the and print each puzzle)


Egyptian Investigation – 10 differences


Kitchen Crime Scene – 15 differences


Sherlock Holmes – 20 differences




Our illustrators have used different mediums to colour their images. You could try using paint, water colours, crayons, or pencils to achieve different looks.

Once your picture is complete go to Upload a Picture to submit your work for posting to the SRC online Gallery—you’ll be world wide web famous!

All pictures submitted to the online gallery will go into a draw to win 1 of 8 mystery comic book packs! Prize winners will be notified by email late February 2014.

To colour:

  1. Click the black and white image and download the pdf
  2. Print the picture
  3. Get colouring!


Sherlock Bear Crime Scene, by Emma Hewitt

 I-SPY Sherlock Bear B&W

Egyptian Investigators, by Lucia Mascuillo

Colour In Egyptian Investigators


Kitchen Crime Scene, by Lucia Masciullo

Colour In Kitchen Crime Scene

Sherlock Holmes, by Lucia Masciullo

Colour in Sherlock Holmes

Summer Reading Club Investigators

Summer Reading Club Investigators
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