Summer Reading Club


This is the online activities homepage for Preschool aged children. Put on your detective caps this summer as you investigate mysteries, hunt down clues, and master the art of disguise.

More information about the Summer Reading Club can be found in About us.

We encourage you to also contact your local public library to participate in the programs they run for Preschool aged children. To find your closest public library, check the directories below.


Online Activities


Preschool Level Activity Booklet

The Preschool Level Summer Reading Club activity booklet is full of fun things to do.


Finger and counting rhymes

Some finger and counting rhymes to enjoy with your child.



Activities you can do together at home.



Try these colouring activities drawn exclusively for the Summer Reading Club!


Great reads

Reading together is a great way to bond with your child. Check out our Preschool list of Investigative tales!


Fun sites

Check out these sites for more fun and games with your child.