Summer Reading Club

Fractured Fairytales

“A Fractured Fairytale is a fairy or other folk tale that has been modified in such a way as to make us laugh at an unexpected characterization, plot development or contrary point of view.” – Marilyn Kinsella, storyteller

Learn more about fractured fairytales on Marilyn’s website

As you read the following fractured tales by Martin ChattertonHilary Badger and Jennifer Poulter see if you can identify what elements they have used to create their fractured tales:

The Hood by Martin Chatterton

The Emperor of Cool by Hilary Badger

The Wrong Cindy by Hilary Badger

The Hare and the Tortoise Grand Prix by Jennifer Poulter

The Diva and the Crisps by Jennifer Poulter

The Fox and the Very Cross Bun by Jennifer Poulter


Writing Competition Winners

The FRACTURED FAIRYTALES writing competition is now closed! Thank you to all who participated.  The winning entries were selected by Martin ChattertonHilary Badger and Jennifer Poulter.


Zoe, 13 VIC
Kate, 12 NSW
Hannah, 12, NSW
Jerome, 11 NSW
Lauren, 11 NSW
Xavier, 8 NSW
Kelsea, 7 QLD
Zendai, 6 NSW

with Honourable Mentions to:

Chelsea, Ivy and Savanah; Bowen Reading Club
Julia, 12 QLD
Annaliese, 11
Anakin, 11 NSW
Genevieve, 11 QLD
Jack, 6 QLD
Vienna, 3 QLD 

All received entries will remain posted on this website for the duration of the year!


Your Entries:

Click on the links below read Fractured Fairytales competition entries from all around the country!

Primary Level entries

Secondary Level entries