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In a move that is being considered revolutionary – DC Green has made his best-selling book Erasmus James and the Galatic Zapp Machine free for download!

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Erasmus James and the Galactic Zapp Machine, by DC Green

E-Book Cover Erasumus James and the Galactic Zapp MachineHe’s been warned, but Erasmus James (Raz for short) is determined to be the first to test his dad’s new invention: the Galactic ZAPP Machine! Faster than a burp, Raz zaps across the galaxy to a weird world where humans, ninja horses and mutant chooks live in peaceful harmony. At least they all did … until Raz makes a deal with wacky King Reginald that could lead to galactic war!

Health Warning! Erasmus James & the Galactic ZAPP Machine is:

  • so exciting, you could injure yourself turning pages;
  • so funny, you could break ribs or explode internal organs from laughing so hard.

Download your own free copy of this book from Barrel Books.



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