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Candice Lemon-Scott

Candice Lemon

Candice Lemon-Scott is an Australian author. She has published three books for children. Two titles are with New Frontier’s Little Rockets series, ‘Silver the Silly Sorcerer’ and ‘Hubert and the Magic Glasses.’ Her third book is an Aussie Chomps title ‘Stinky Ferret & the JJs’. A series of space adventure books is also due for publication in mid-2014 and her educational reader will be released in November, 2013.

When she’s not writing fun stuff for kids, Candice writes fiction and non-fiction books and articles for adults. She has a Bachelor of Communication / Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing & Editing) and also enjoys helping other writers edit and polish their manuscripts. She’s a literacy champion for the Literacy Villages program and role model for the Books in Homes program. She lives on the sunny Gold Coast with her husband, two daughters and heaps of pets.

Candice contributes to this year’s Celebrity Hints & Tips and 5 Minutes With activities. Visit Candice’s website to learn more about one of our newest Summer Reading Club Celebrites!


Christian Bocquee

Christian BocqueeChristian started his artistic career as an animation assistant in a Brisbane animation studio, producing in-between drawings and turning the animators’ sketches into finished artwork. studio, producing inbetween drawings and turning the animators’ sketches into finished artwork.

After going on to work as a freelance animator, producing both 3D computer animation and traditional hand drawn animation, Christian began to focus on illustration for youth fiction where he felt he could have the most creative input. Working in both traditional and digital media, he enjoys exploring surreal, fantastical worlds, as well as sensitive impressions of the everyday.

Christian has just finished up illustrating a series of children’s books entitled Legends in their Own Lunchbox. Learn how to draw 3D characters this summer by following Christian’s blog–Creating 3-Dimensional Characters—A step by step guide to illustration. Christian also contributes to the online activity, 5 Minutes With.

Visit Christian’s website to view his portfolio of work!


Christine Harris

Christine HarrisChristine Harris has written over fifty books; plays, poems, speculative fiction, historical, thrillers and humour. Her work is published in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Russia, France, Sweden. She has won the Carclew Fellowship for Literature, Children’s Peace Literature Awards, Aurealis for speculative fiction, International White Ravens Award, Australian Book Publishers Award and Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Books. She has also been shortlisted for the Western Australian Premier’s Award, South Australian Festival Awards for literature, CBC Book of the Year (three times) and children’s choice awards, including runner-up for the KROC Awards in Northern Territory.

We are pleased to have Christine on board this year. Christine contributes to the Hints and Tips online activity.

To learn more about Christine, visit her website!


DC Green

DC-Green-optDC Green is the author of humorous fantasy books for 8-108 year olds (and brilliant chimpanzees) like ‘Erasmus James & the Galactic Zapp Machine’ and his brand new epic, Monster School. Before DC became a children’s author, he worked for 20 years as a surf journalist, won awards for both his fiction and non-fiction writing, and travelled the world, annoying the superstars of surfing.

Learn more about DC Green in 5 minutes with or by visiting his website.

Download DC Green’s book Erasmus James and the Galatic Zapp Machine for FREE from the SRC ebooks page.


Deborah Abela

Deborah AbelaHaving always been a bit of a coward, Deborah dreams of being braver, which is why she writes books about spies, ghosts, soccer legends and characters who fight sea monsters and evil harbour lords.

Her first series, Max Remy Superspy was based on her love of spies and her real-life adventures, where she slept beside alligators, was harassed by monkeys and thrown in jail twice. She wrote the Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend), The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen, Grimsdon and the Ghost Club series, about two 11-year-olds who deal with cheeky paranormal pests.

Deborah’s won awards for her books; most recently the 2013 Maurice Saxby Award for services to Children’s Literature, but mostly hopes to be as brave as her characters.

Deborah contributes to this year’s online activities Read All About It, and 5 Minutes With Visit Deborah Abela’s website to learn more about this exciting author!


Duncan Richardson

Duncan RichardsonDuncan Richardson is a writer of fiction, poetry and educational texts.

He enjoys pretending to be other people through stories and poems. Duncan’s books for children include Jason Chen and the Time Banana and Revenge.

Duncan joins the Summer Reading Club for the first time this year!

Duncan contributed to this year’s online activity Code Breakers. Can you crack his coded story The Kidnap Code and help save Tina? Check it out now!

Learn more about Duncan in 5 Minutes With or by visiting his website.


Emma Hewitt

Emma HewittEmma Hewitt is an illustrator, educator and creative program coordinator. She has designed and facilitated innovative programs for children and young people across Australia. Emma has exhibited illustrations in Victoria, Western Australia and San Francisco and illustrates weekly for the

Emma is also new to the Summer Reading Club this year. Emma contributes to this year’s 5 mins with and Colour activities. 31 Clues are hidden in Emma’s I-SPY illustration. Will you find them all?


Jennifer R Poulter

Jennifer R Poulter once worked in a circus. This definitely qualifies her to write for children!

Jennifer R Poulter writes as J.R. Poulter. She has been published in Australia, UK and USA, having 8 books with mainstream publishers, including major award winner Mending Lucille, and 12 digital books.  She has a 6 book series published for education, “Poetry Action for Classroom and Stage”. More books, some international collaborations, are coming out in 2014, including “”Fox Shadows” with Windy Hollow.

Jennifer loves teaching children the fun to be had with words whether in poetry or prose and doing  dramatised book readings.  She also writes literary poetry and short stories and YA novels under J.R.McRae and does NOT have two heads. Jennifer does however, have many friends. The lovely image of her was drawn by her illustrator friend Angel Dominguez.

Jennifer contributes to this year’s online activities Celebrity Book Raves, Read All About It, and 5 minutes with.

Learn more about J.R. Poulter by visiting her website!


Julie Fison

Julie FisonJulie Fison is the author of the children’s adventure series Hazard River. The stories follow the adventures of Jack Wilde, his brother Ben, and their friends Mimi and Lachlan, who come up against smugglers, nasty fishermen, rogue developers and all kinds of baddies, while holidaying at Hazard River. There are six stories in the series, all packed with page-turning action.

Julie has also written several titles in the teen romance series Smitten. When Georgia meets Nik in Tall, Dark and Distant, she is catapulted into a world of private yachts and fast cars. But it doesn’t take long until life in the fast lane starts to spins out of control. Lust and Found follows Sienna through the sticky jungles of Cambodia looking for her missing brother, Eddie. Everything is soon getting to Sienna. But mostly it’s Eddie’s maddeningly hot French friend Guillaume, who couldn’t be more unhelpful if he tried!

Before becoming a children’s author, Julie worked as a television reporter and presenter in Australia, Asia and Europe and had a lot of adventures along the way. She has shaken hands with an orangutan in Borneo, camped with elephants in Africa and has eaten rat soup, which apparently tastes as bad as it sounds.

She spends most of her time writing and visiting schools and festivals to talk about writing. Julie still loves a holiday adventure, but doesn’t like garfish since being speared in the ear by one, while swimming in North Queensland!

Learn more about Julie by visiting her website or watching her Hazard River book trailer.

Julie contributes to this year’s online activities 5 Minutes WithHints and Tips and Read All About It. Julie has generously donated two of her Hazard River Series book titles, Shark Frenzie and Snake Surprise to be given away as part of the Read All About It writing competition prize packs.

Learn more about Julie by visiting her website or watching her book trailer here.


Kerry Brown

Kerry BrownKerry Brown grew up in Carnarvon, a coastal country town in Western Australia. Her childhood was typical of most children of that time, playing endlessly outside with her friends and spending holidays at the family ‘shack’ near the Blowholes.

Her imagination worked overtime as she made new discoveries and invented new games behind the sand dunes with her friends.

Kerry Brown is a children’s picture book author. She loves to create magical stories that take children to far away places. Most of her ideas come from her own children who have wonderful imaginations and look at the world with fresh and innocent eyes!

Kerry’s books include Can I Cuddle the Moon?Poppy Wash and It’s Bedtime, which is a gorgeous rhyme book given to all new babies delivered in Queensland hospitals. Her next book, All My Kisses and Lest We Forget are due out in Feb/ March 2014.

Kerry is about to embark on a very exciting adventure with her family to live and work in Malaysia for a number of years. She hopes this will help ignite a few new story ideas!

This year Kerry contributed to the 5 minutes with and Celebrity Book Raves online activities.

Learn more about Kerry by visiting her website to see what else she is currently working on.


Lucia Masciullo

Lucia-photoLucia Masciullo is an awarded children’s book illustrator. She’s Italian and she moved to Brisbane in 2007 with her partner. Since then she has collaborated with Australian and English Publishers, illustrating nine books, among which is Come Down, Cat!, an Honour Book at the CBCA Awards 2012, and the successful series Our Australian Girl. Her latest picture book is Queen Alice’s Palaces, by Juliette MacIver (2013).

Lucia is also co-founder of a digital children’s book publishing company, Blue Quoll, through which she has released in May 2011 the first independent Australian children’s book App for iPad and iPhone, titled Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes.

Lucia has contributed to the 5 Minutes With  and Colour online activities. Check out her Spot the Difference drawings. Can you spot the differences?

You can view more of Lucia’s artwork by visiting her website!


Martin Chatterton

Martin ChattertonAward-winning writer, illustrator and globally worshipped word magician, Martin Chatterton, was born in Liverpool, England during the first Jurassic Period and raised by a family of friendly marmosets.

He graduated from art college in Londonium shortly after the Romans left and began drawing pictures for tiny amounts of money; something he has been doing for the last sixteen hundred years.

In that time he’s produced roughly nine trillion illustrations and his right index finger has a callous on it the size of a labrador. Martin and his callous have illustrated lots of books, including the Gothic comedies Mort and Mortal Combat which he also wrote!  He has also written and illustrated the puzzle picture book Where Is Santa’s Suit?, illustrated four books in the Action Dogs series and is currently illustrating the Geek Inc. series by Mark Griffiths. Martin’s evil twin, Ed, writes crime thrillers.

Martin lives in Lennox Head, NSW and is married with two vampires. Martin contributes to this year’s online activities What Happens Next and 5 Minutes With.

Visit Martin’s website, the World of Chatterton to see what else he is up to at the moment!


Matt Porter

Matt Porter

Matt Porter is the author of the hilarious Crazy Relief Teachers series. He enjoys thoroughly researching his books. In fact, Matt selflessly hurled dodgeballs at unsuspecting students for Mr Sergeant and the Dodgeballs of Doom! He ate buckets of corn for Ms Law and the Corn-fusing Case of the Broken Window and even tried to win millions while writing Mr Jackpot and the Stash of Cash. Matt lives in the south-west of Victoria with his wife, daughter and son.

Matt is new to the Summer Reading Club this year! He contributes to the Codebreakers online activity. Get to know Matt in 5 Minutes with and by visiting his website.


Muza Ulasowski

Muza Ulasowski

Muza Ulasowski lives in a beautiful bush setting in Brookfield on the outskirts of Brisbane, Qld, Australia. She shares that setting with her husband, 2 dogs and a vast array of local birdlife.

She is a qualified Graphic & Web Designer with a Diploma in Visual Communication, a Certificate in Graphic Design and a Diploma in Graphic Design. Muza discovered a love for illustrating several years ago when she was commissioned to illustrate one of 12 panels in a book titled ‘Where’s Michael?’ by Xavier Waterkeyn.

Muza now concentrates solely on illustrating children’s picture books, creating digital illustrations with her trusty Wacom Tablet. She thoroughly enjoys illustrating her animals in a realistic, but playful and colourful way. Muza has 7 of her illustrated books in print and/or as an ebook, with a few more in the works to be published. She is currently collaborating with several authors and has been featured recently in several international art exhibitions.

Muza also enjoys all other art mediums, including acrylic, watercolour and pencil/charcoal sketching. Visit Muza’s website to see her work and find out more about her in 5 Minutes with. Muza contributes images to this year’s Read All About It.


Richard Newsome

Richard Newsome

Richard Newsome is the author of the Billionaire Series of books about the world’s youngest billionaire, 13-year-old Gerald Wilkins, who along with his friends Ruby and Sam Valentine travel the world trying to solve the mystery of Gerald’s colossal inheritance.

Richard Newsome’s debut novel, The Billionaire’s Curse, won the Text Prize for Children’s and Young Adult writing in 2008, the Esther Glen Medal in New Zealand and was short-listed for a NSW Premier’s Award. The Billionaire Series has been sold to publishers in the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Check out Richard’s Hints and Tips this year on How to Construct the Perfect Mystery! Learn more about Richard in 5 Minutes With and by visiting his website!


Tim Sinclair

Tim SinclairTim Sinclair is a poet, novelist, sound creator and PhD candidate examining young adult post-apocalyptic fiction. His publications include Nine Hours North (a verse novel) and Re:reading the dictionary (poetry for word nerds). His latest verse novel, Run, is a YA paranoid thriller about parkour. Check it out! The book and its trailer are listed on the SRC Secondary Great Reads summer reading list!

Tim also joins the Summer Reading Club for the first time this year. Tim wrote the SRC Choose Your Own Adventure story. Be sure to check it out and if you are not happy with where your adventure takes you—send in your own ending to this online writing activity.

You can learn more about Tim by visiting his website and in 5 Minutes With.


Tristan Bancks

Tristan BancksTristan Bancks is a children’s and teen author with a background in acting and filmmaking. His books include My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up , Mac Slater Coolhunter (Australia & US), Galactic Adventures First Kids in Space and the Nit Boy series (about a kid with the worst case of nits in world history).

His short films as writer and director have won a number of awards and have screened widely in festivals and on TV.

His most recent books are Two Wolves, a crime-mystery novel for middle-graders (March 2014) and My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong (April 2014), a book of weird-funny-gross short stories. Tristan is excited by the future of storytelling and inspiring others to create. Check out Story Scrapbook, his free multimedia story brainstorming app, and chat to Tristan at

Follow Tristan’s Writers Blog–Breaking News over the next 6 weeks! And learn more about Tristan in 5 minutes with.

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