Summer Reading Club

5 Minutes With…

Our celebrity authors and illustrators have answered the following 11 questions:

    1. Describe yourself in 4 words?
    2. How did you get into writing/illustration?
    3. Did you always want to be a writier/an illustrator?
    4. What are you reading right now?
    5. What is your favourite thing to do during the summer holidays?
    6. What is your favourite mystery, crime or detective fiction story?
    7. If you could be a mystery, crime or detective story character, who would you be?
    8. What skills do you think great investigators need?
    9. What is one mystery you would like to solve?
    10. Have you ever cracked a code, spied on someone, or solved a mystery? What happened?
    11. What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a writer/an illustrator?

Check out their responses below!


After you’ve read their responses, why not answer these questions yourself?  See what you can learn by adapting these questions to find out more about your family and friends.  Happy Investigating!